The photographers MarielystLIVE


The photographers MarielystLIVE

We are 4 photographers and a webmaster who via the Facebook page „MarielystLIVE“ want to give the followers of the page insight in our beautiful nature and attractions. The center of rotation is Marielyst and South Falster, but we have decided to extent “the benefice” to cover Lolland-Falster, Bogø and Møn in order to show the diversity of “The Danish South Sea Islands”.

With we want to show what other facetes we work with – we cover a wide field and each of us has an own impression and favorite kinds.

Characteristic for us is that we all have some experience with taking photos, some of us longer than the others, what appears from our different hair colors, but we have one thing in common and that is a glowing interest of the photo and the high quality of what we are doing.

Each of us has chosen some categories, where we place photos, you can buy some of them in the attached webshop, all photos are delivered electronic, so that the buyers can print them in the wanted size.

The photographers MarielystLIVE exhibit at least once a year in connection with the craftsman market on Marielyst market place, which takes place on Tuesdays in July and on the first Tuesday in August.

This homepage is only the beginning – more exhibitions can appear, photo lectures – and perhaps photo excursions for interested people – we only see possibilities.

Welcome – we hope that you will enjoy our photos – and let yourself be inspired.

Photographer Alex Christensen

Alex is the one, who has been longest time on the Facebook page, we think it is about 4 years ago MarielystLIVE had its tender start – today there are more than 6.000 people, who follow the page, and in the high season the page has a reach of about 35.000 a week.

Alex has among many other things photo documented the establishing of Marielyst Market Place, and he is together with PH attached to Maribo Cathedral in the 600 year jubilee in 2016, where the most activities are documented and these pictures shall result in a photo book which will be published in the beginning of 2017.

Alex is if any synonymous with Marielyst – his beach pictures are legendary and get great recognition on MarielystLIVE.

Photo reports from activities in and around Marielyst do also belong to the primary qualifications of Alex, and he is also an experienced wedding and portrait photographer.

Alex lives in Marielyst.

Photographer Poul-Henrik (PH) Bergmann

PH stands for the administration of the Facebook page MarielystLIVE, and he coordinates the tasks of the 4 photographers in covering the events which appear from the event calendar which is standing on chosen places in Marielyst during the season.

PH has photographed during most of his adult life, inspired by his father Poul Erik Bergmann, who many on his own age remember as a good school photographer in Nykøbing.

PH photographs landscapes and has a special preference for? Gedser and the surrounding areas, and he does also administer this Facebook page together with Uffe Junker.

Photo reports – spiced with a little story are together with motor sport – primary rally and historic motor sport are one of PH’s passions, but PH does also have a preference for details.

PH has after 40 years in Silkeborg, Skive and North Zealand, with a trip to Kenya, moved back to Falster and now lives in Bøtø, and still works with management training as partner of

Photographer Poul Hansen

Poul is the “Benjamin” of the group more than 10 years younger than the rest of the “flock”. Poul is like Alex and PH one of the report photographers of the group, a discipline which he practices with his tireless “drive” and his special talent to follow a motive or a possibility.

Poul lives in Væggerløse and besides report/press photos he photographs weddings, confirmations and photos for homepages.

Photographer Tom Wilkki

Tom has like Alex and PH photographed for many years and teaches in photography. Tom is the man of details and probably the one in the group who masters the discipline “Photo art” in the best way, on tour with Tom you experience a totally new world full of motives and possibilities.

Tom strives to give his pictures an experience of simplicity, details and peace.

He cuddles for every single photography, and here you quiet clearly see quality instead of quantitiy. Tom does also cover Marielyst, but primarily he is the “forward post” of the group, who brings North Falster and other attractions closer to Marielyst, because as Tom says: “I want to show our summer guests, what fantastic possibilities they have for day’s excursions, if it is not “beach weather”.

Tom lives in Eskilstrup.



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