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The photographers MarielystLIVE

We are 4 photographers and a webmaster who via the Facebook page „MarielystLIVE“ want to give the followers of the page insight in our beautiful nature and attractions. The center of rotation is Marielyst and South Falster, but we have decided to extent “the benefice” to cover Lolland-Falster, Bogø and Møn in order to show the diversity of “The Danish South Sea Islands”.

With www.fotografernemarielystlive.dk we want to show what other facetes we work with – we cover a wide field and each of us has an own impression and favorite kinds.

Characteristic for us is that we all have some experience with taking photos, some of us longer than the others, what appears from our different hair colors, but we have one thing in common and that is a glowing interest of the photo and the high quality of what we are doing.

Each of us has chosen some categories, where we place photos, you can buy some of them in the attached webshop, all photos are delivered electronic, so that the buyers can print them in the wanted size.

The photographers MarielystLIVE exhibit at least once a year in connection with the craftsman market on Marielyst market place, which takes place on Tuesdays in July and on the first Tuesday in August.

This homepage is only the beginning – more exhibitions can appear, photo lectures – and perhaps photo excursions for interested people – we only see possibilities.

Welcome – we hope that you will enjoy our photos – and let yourself be inspired.

Oversættelse af Translatør Mette Lybæk Henriksen.

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